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Top Asian MMA Organizations

asian mma
Sam-A Gaiyanghadao vs. Sergio “Samurai” Wielzen, One Championship

When Zuffa swallowed Pride in 2007, Asian MMA took a great hit, and it seemed like the days of glory were over. However, for the last few years, the Asian MMA scene has exploded with incredible new promotions popping right, left, and center. Today, several organizations like China’s Legend FC and Thailand’s Dare are growing at a steady pace. Here’s a list of the top Asian MMA organizations you can consider checking out while betting on Betway.

  1. One Championship

Formerly known as One FC or One fighting Championship, this Singapore-based MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai promotion is doing everything right. This top MMA organization was launched by entrepreneur Chatri Sityodtong together with former ESPN sports executive Victor Cui in July 2011. The organization is also backed by Mission Holdings, Greeenaoks Capital, Temasek Holdings, Sequoia Capital, and GIC.

Notable athletes on One Championship’s roster include Eddie Alvarez, Demetrius Johnson, Martin Nguyen, Angela Lee, Bibiano Fernandez, and Andrei Stoica. Additionally, the promotion has been organizing events all over Asia, staging over 100 tournaments to date.

  1. Dream

A Japanese mixed martial arts organization, Dream highlights some of the best international and local MMA talent. The organization has enhanced and established the careers of several top-ranked fighters like Gesias Cavalcante, Shinya Aoki, Tatsuya Kawajiri, and Gegard Mousasi, to mention a few. To date, Dream has promoted 20+ shows, featuring top stars at the Betway sports betting listing on MMA events.

  1. DEEP

Deep is another MMA sanctioning and promoting organizations based in Japan. Their inaugural event came to life in 2001, promoted by former Pride PR director Shigeru Saeki. The event featured starfighters like Royler Gracie and Paulo Filho, and more talented fighters have highlighted their tournaments ever since.

In 2008, Deep partnered with ZST to co-promote shows, share fighters, and finally unify the promotions. Today, the organization lists both male and female fighters in every division, including Bantamweight, strawweight, welterweight, featherweight, flyweight, middleweight, cruiserweight, and mega weight.

  1. Legend FC

A Hong Kong-based MMA organization, Legend FC attracts national champion fighters from all over the Asia-Pacific to battle it out for regional supremacy. Unlike other MMA organizations, Legend FC became the first MMA tournament to focus on native Asia-Pacific fighters solely.

Legend FC was unveiled in 2009, inviting national MMA champion fighters to battle it out in a freestyle tournament. The tournament used interdisciplinary martial arts skills under strict rules designed to sportsmanship and athlete safety. However, Kwokman Productions acquired the organization in April 2014 and rebranded it as a China-based MMA promotion in 2018.

  1. Road FC

If you like South Korean fighters, Road FC is the MMA organization to follow. This South Korean-based MMA promotion was officially launched in 2010, and they’ve staged over 50 events in South Korea, China, and Japan. Over 300 fighters have been signed by Road Fc, coming from North America, Japan, Brazil, China, the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Even better, all Road FC events are broadcasted on dozens of national TV stations and the internet, reaching more than 50 countries.

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