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The 5 Best Videos of 2019 that Will Make You Better at Muay Thai

Since we just started the new year, I figured I would put together a list of our 5 best videos of 2019. Each video is dedicated to helping you with a specific area of your Muay Thai game. From beginners to advanced fighters, no matter what your skill level, you can always learn more.

Check out this list below

4 Offensive Skills that Muay Thai Fighters Possess

This video breaks down specific skills that the best Muay Thai fighters possess and why each skill matters in a fight. If you want to learn about fight IQ, reflexes, and timing, this is a great article to improve your overall Muay Thai IQ.

You will learn how the elite fighters use slight movements in order to fake out their opponents and open up attacking lanes.

How to Fix Your Muay Thai Kick in 4 Easy Drills

This is an essential video for anyone like myself, who has struggled with the Muay Thai kick. Since I came from a Karate/Kickboxing background, I found it difficult to properly turn over the hips when I kicked. This video is going to break down a few essential drills that you can do to help you get used to turning your hips when you kick.

While you won’t have a perfect kick over night, if you focus on drilling the correct technique, you will improve your kick over time. It is important that you have someone watch you and give you direct feedback. Without feedback, you won’t know if your technique is correct or not.

5 Sparring Tips that Will Make You Better

Another video featuring one of my favorite trainers Ann. In this video Ann talks about specific tips to help you improve your Muay Thai game in sparring. Sparring is one area that most beginners have the most discomfort because they are not used to getting hit.

One of the biggest issues with sparring is that people have egos, and things can easily get out of hand if you lose control. Even if you have an ego, it is important that you constantly keep your ego in check and control your power. If you want to improve your sparring, then I suggest you watch this video.

4 Common Mistakes when Blocking Kicks

While you probably think you know how to block kicks, there are small nuances that you might be missing. In this video, Ann breaks down the importance of balance, and control when you block a kick. Not only is balance important for your defense, but judges in Thailand will deduct points if you are off balanced during a block.

Learning how to block kicks the correct way will put you in a position to counter attack your opponents after they attack. This is an aspect of Muay Thai that is often neglected by people in the west.

Advanced Muay Thai Footwork & Angles

This video breaks down some advanced footwork concepts that can help you improve your game. If you want to learn about angles and how to move away from specific strikes, give this video a watch. You will learn how to counter the knee strike by moving out of the line of attack.

While this video does focus on advanced footwork, beginners can still benefit from watching it. Learning how to move out of the line of attack is an important concept that you should add to your game.

Make 2020 the Year of Major Improvements

While I don’t believe in New Years resolutions, I do believe in goal setting (just not once a year). Every day, week and month you should have goals that you should be aiming to accomplish. You need to set goals for your Muay Thai that you can and will accomplish.

The best way to accomplish your goals is to have a game plan every time you go to the gym and execute that plan. This means creating mini goals of what you want to accomplish every training session, so you are able to maximize your time at the gym.

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