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Born Tough Momentum Track Suit Jogger Review

born tough joggers review

These are great! I live in Florida and I prefer to work out in shorts. I rarely wear sweatpants, but the Born Tough sweatpants have opened my eyes to other options. These joggers were crafted withPierre-Brice Smith 92% polyester and 8% elastane. They do not have that heavy cotton feel. The sweatpants are light and breathable. They dry quickly and repel moisture which is ideal for active individuals.


The first thing I noticed about these sweatpants was the comfort. I immediately melted into them. The comfort level is ridiculous. The company obviously factored in the coziness and functionality. These sweats are super light and flexible. I feel like I’m naked when I’m wearing them. The joggers allow me to move freely without hindering my range of motion. Whether I’m swinging kettlebells, hitting the bag, or running sprints, the Born Tough sweatpants held its own. They are excellent, and custom-built for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


Aside from the comfort, I love how they look. I am conscious about my appearance and style and these are exactly what I need. The sweatpants are slim-fitted and tapered at the bottom. There’s no unnecessary loose fabric. The pants are cropped from the waist down and have that contemporary slick look that I like. And again, the designers seem to put an emphasis on functionality. There are two discreet pockets with zippers on the thighs that are perfect for storing and securing a cellphone, a wallet, keys etc… These sweats are versatile. I can crush a workout, and run to the supermarket looking fly like David Beckham.


I’m at a point in my life where things have to make sense; every purchase must have a purpose. I’ve already mentioned functionality and I will mention it again. Functionality is my prime objective when I’m shopping for activewear. These sweatpants fit the criteria.
This past weekend I went camping for two days and wore these Born Tough sweats the whole time. I slept in them, I played basketball in them, and I walked a two-mile trail in them. As soon as I got home I threw these bad boys in the washing machine and hung them up to dry. Right now they still look like they are fresh out the Amazon box.


Pierre-Brice SmithMy only issue with these sweatpants is the God damn name. Born Tough! Really! The name is lazy and corny. The name makes these amazing sweatpants sound like they should be on the TJ Maxx sales rack. As a fashion-conscious individual, I would’ve overlooked these great joggers because of the name. I consider myself a 47-year-old tough guy, and I would never buy any apparel called Born Tough because that would give me away.


To wrap this up, I hate the name but these sweatpants are awesome. They are comfortable, they look great, and they can be worn almost anywhere. The only thing to keep in mind is that these sweats may run a little small. I’m 5’10, 180 lbs, and I usually wear Medium. I received a Large and they fit like a glove. So sizing is a factor that will need to be considered when purchasing these sweatpants.

Born Tough offers three international online stores: the U.S., Australia, and the UK.


pierre smith muay thaiPierre Smith started his journey in martial arts after witnessing Bruce Lee on the silver screen. He began training Tae Kwon Do, earning his black belt by his 18th birthday. He took up Muay Thai in 2000, training under Kru Nestor in New York City. Later on, Pierre moved to South Florida and trained at American Top Team under Olympic gold medalist Howard Davis Jr. Today, Pierre teaches Muay Thai and personal fitness in the South Florida region. Pierre can be reached by Email at [email protected], on Instagram and his blog Catching Wreck.

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