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Betting on Thai Boxing: The Top Tips

Muay Thai popularly known as Thai Boxing ranges back to the oldest cultural practice in Thailand and is thus, the national sport of the country. Traditionally this sport comprised of dangerous fighting methods such as headbutts; however, over time Thai boxing has evolved by incorporating safer means of practice. The game comprises of 5 rounds, each of which lasts for 3 minutes followed by an interval of 2 minutes in between 2 rounds. 

The popularity of Thai boxing in Thailand has made betting an integral part of the sport which has led to increased audience viewership. And you can bet on all your favorite Thai boxing matches anytime with Betway, in just a few clicks. The Betway app makes it all easy for you to bet on different sports games live, and win in real time. 

The traditional betting methodology of Thai boxing

Ever wondered what certain hand gestures during Thai boxing matches indicate?

Conventionally, betting on Thai boxing is done through physical setups within authorized stadiums by the Thailand government and wagers are mostly the local population. Different hand gestures indicate different things like, the player being bet upon, the price that is quoted and as the match progresses, the fluctuating deals based on a boxer’s performance and attitude. Since fingers do the gestures, it can sometimes confuse leading to feuds.

Most boxers come from humble backgrounds and look for any way to earn that extra buck. During matches with high stakes, a percentage of money from the proceedings of betting is given to the player winning. The flip side of this scenario is the negative influence of rookies on the judging panel which may alter the outcome of a match.

Modern Approach

With changing times, the more confined sport of Thai boxing has managed to get the attention of the overseas population. At present, Thailand is home to over 300,00 boxers below the age of 15. Modern means of betting on Thai boxing through digitization and increased TV viewership has managed to incur over $1.6 million per year. This has given a major kick to the economy of Thailand. The globalization of Thai boxing has compelled the government to improve training methods and infrastructure for the boxers.

The High Cost of Thai boxingCertain popular websites like have developed a structured approach where all new and old wagers can assess the upcoming matches. It highlights the likelihood of the closest outcomes categorized under various headings namely, round betting (giving likely outcome of each round), grouped round betting, total rounds and knocked down. All details are presented statistically and graphically which can be understood easily even by a newbie. Furthermore, a signup discount is offered to wagers in order to attract them to risk their first bet.

If watching a boxing match gives you an adrenaline rush and the thought of earning some extra money lingers at the back of your mind, then this is the platform for you to explore. 

Are you looking to bet on Thai boxing too? Which player is your favorite one?

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