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7 Amazing Benefits You Will End Up Getting When You Train Muay Thai

The popularity of Muay Thai has skyrocketed since the beginning of the 21st century, particularly in the last decade. One of the many reasons for its acceptance across the globe is the fact that it is a comprehensive mind-body workout that offers immense health benefits.

Muay Thai is a national sport of Thailand which is also known as the “art of eight limbs” because of the consistent use of a pair of fists, knees, elbows, and shins. Over the years, there has been a steady rise in Muay Thai camps in Thailand for the purpose of training people in this challenging, yet amazing sport.

One question that naturally comes to mind is, whether Muay Thai is a dangerous sport? The answer is an emphatic No & Yes. This is because if you are training yourself as a professional Muay Thai fighter and intending to enter Thailand Fight Camp for actual sport, then the injuries can be gruesome and serious in nature. However, if your objective is to be fit and you are doing it for fun as a casual student with all your pads and safety gear on, then you are at a minimum risk.

Man hand wrapping for Muay Thai training


Also, it is better NOT to train yourself every day. But rather, take breaks in between and let your body settle down with the training before you begin going intense (if at all you wish to). Ideally, you should start with 3 days a week and then increase it to 5 or even 6 days depending on your body strength. Professional fighters will train twice a day, six days a week.

There has been a spurt in tourism too, as foreign nationals are joining Muay Thai schools in Thailand in order to come out as healthier, fitter, and stronger. Aside from these benefits, you can also build up self-confidence and mental focus.

As more and more people are gravitating towards a healthy lifestyle, Muay Thai can be one of the interesting sports that can be undertaken so as to serve many purposes at the same time. With this brief introduction to Muay Thai, its growing demands, and certain do’s and don’ts, let’s dive straight into what it can do to you.


Here you go:

1. Muay Thai is Unparalleled When It Comes to Self Defense

We live in a world where walking down the street late at night can be threatening for anyone. If you happen to be a woman, then the likelihood of trouble simply increases, no matter which city you are in.

Muay Thai training helps you develop those necessary self-defense tactics that will help you in facing real-life encounters. With the strategic use of 8 limbs and body strength, you can give your enemy a tough competition and might be able to catch him off-guard by your presence of mind and quick response.

Though it is generally considered as a strike-based technique, the tactics you learn as a Muay Thai student can be used to pin down an opponent with various clinch techniques, where the techniques are pretty easy to learn. According to experts, within a span of six months of training, an average person will learn the required skills to defend oneself.

Muay Thai Group Training in Bangkok


2. Muay Thai Supports Cardiovascular Wellness

Being a mix of both aerobic and anaerobic workout, Muay Thai is a type of martial art that offers both strength and endurance. On the one hand, you undergo running, jumping rope and shadowboxing, which gives you a dash of aerobic activity. Whereas on the other hand, you train yourself for anaerobic exercises like punching, kicking, elbowing, and kneeing.

The aerobic element helps increase the overall cardiovascular performance of the body. This develops stamina and strength that is required for the optimal functioning of the human body.

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3. Muay Thai Acts as a Stress Reliever

The more you sweat out during your Muay Thai training in Thailandthe more are the chances that you will feel relaxed. This is because working out is directly linked to the body’s stress hormones.

Studies prove that when one exercise, the stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol witness a drop in their levels and at the same time, our body begins to produce endorphin – which is a known mood elevator. Regular exercising is recommended for those facing stress and depression in their lives.

As mentioned above that Muay Thai is a perfect combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, it ultimately helps improve your body’s metabolism and uplift your spirit to make you feel good.

Learn the Push Kick for Muay Thai


4. Muay Thai Can Be Your Route to Great Abs

Here is good news for those wishing to flaunt a six-pack someday.

When training muay Thai regularly, one of the benefits you are likely to get is a well-toned abs.Why? Since Muay Thai is all about twisting, using kicks, and making good use of your knees and shins, it is natural that you are going to develop your abdominal muscles.

In a typical session, you will bedoing shadow boxing, kicking on the bag, jab-cross combos, skipping knees, and clinching your partner. All of these movements will tone up your abdomen.

Besides, as you are striking hard on the pads and bags, you will be developing quick fibers which in turn will burn fat and build the abdominal muscles. If you control your diet as well, you get to see the result relatively quickly compared to other ways of getting great abs.


5. Muay Thai Keeps You in Your Best Physical Shape

Have you ever wondered why many fail to be consistent with their workout? Why most would join a gym or carve out a workout schedule, but fail to continue it for more than a week or two?

Yes, it is indeed true that as the going gets tough, only the tough gets going.But another less talked about reason is the monotonousness associated with the workout. Walking on a cross-trainer, lifting weights,or basic cycling loses its sheen within a week for an average person.

However, as Muay Thai is a combat sport, you get to learn about tactics of self-defence, get in an incredible work out, and if you visit Bangkok,get the chance to watch live Muay Thai fights! Normally, each Muay Thai fight consists of 5 rounds, with each round lasting for 3 minutes.

Female Friendly Muay Thai Gym


6. Muay Thai Makes You Ooze with Confidence

Strongly believing in oneself is what makes the core of confidence. When you start believing in yourself, you tend to exhibit great levels of confidence. Muay Thai gives you all the necessary boosts to make you feel good about yourself.

You will have learned self-defense techniques, you will have reduced levels of stress and anxiety, you will be physically more in shape than before, and basically have become a true Spartan – what else do you need to make your confidence level reach the sky?

As Muay Thai not only trains your body but mind too, you will develop spontaneity, both in reflexes and in decisions and become the best version of yourself. This naturally makes you brimming with confidence no matter where or who you are.

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7. Muay Thai Gives You an Amazing Opportunity to Know a Different Culture

Believe it or not, knowing the ways and styles of others make us grow as an individual. The great travelers in the past were people of amazing wisdom because of their understanding of different cultures that existed during that period.

Muay Thai, being rooted in Thai culture, gives you a peek into the psyche and belief system of the people of Thailand. The very basic act of praying before the fight and wearing the Mongkok (headpiece) can give you an insight into the Buddhist culture. Thai culture holds its teachers and elders with the utmost respect, and Muay Thai emphasizes that with its Wai Khru Ritual.

Moreover, taking Muay Thai lessons in Thailand may also help you make new friends. Without a doubt, our lives get busier as we grow and such opportunities to meet new people may become a source of joy. When you attend a Muay Thai camp, you’ll be training along with like-minded individuals.

Muay Thai Wai Kru Lesson


To conclude, Muay Thai is not just a sport, but a comprehensive workout that will leave a great impact on your health and life. Being high in demand these days, you can train yourself in Muay Thai for a starting price of 15000 Baht or $420 for a month, including accommodation and meals.

The above is just the starting price, however, the prices may go up depending on the services you opt for and the room you book.

Enrolling for Muay Thai may turn out to be a game-changer for your health, and if you are planning for it, don’t wait further to take the plunge. Trust us, you will regret delaying your decision.

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